NWO-XL grant awarded to David Dulin by the Dutch Research Council (NWO)!!!

We have received new funding to explore the fundamental mechanisms of genome replication, transcription and packaging in coronavirus. This project brings together 8 PIs from Groningen, Delft, Utrecht and Amsterdam led by Dr. Dulin, and will receive ~3 M€ over the next five years. Congrats to all involved for putting together a very competitive proposal!

Announcement from NWO

Announcement from VU Amsterdam

“Quantitative parameters of bacterial RNA polymerase open-complex formation, stabilization and disruption on a consensus promoter” published in NAR!

Congrats to Subhas and Pim and all other authors, for putting together this fantastic work! They expanded our comprehension of the open complex formation in the bacterial RNA polymerase system using single molecule biophysics experiments and theoretical framework. Great collaboration with the Malinen (Turku, Finland) and Depken (TU Delft, Netherlands) labs. More to read here.

New NIH fundings to the Dulin lab for antiviral drug discovery!

The Dulin lab has been awarded funding from NIH to develop the next generation of antiviral drugs! We are part of two centers:

Rapidly Emerging Antiviral Drug Development Initiative – AViDD Center
Principal Investigator: Ralph Baric, Ph.D.
Institute: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Development of Outpatient Antiviral Cocktails against SARS-CoV-2 and other Potential Pandemic RNA Viruses
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Glenn, M.D., Ph.D.
Institute: Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California

We thank both Ralph Baric and Jeffrey Glenn for involving us in their very exciting and timely research program. We are looking forward to working with such talented group of scientists!

More information here.

Congrats Mona!

Mona Seifert – a former PhD student in the Dulin lab – graduated her PhD thesis on April 22nd. She was awarded the highest grade, Summa Cum Laude, meaning her PhD thesis is in the top 10% of all PhD thesis. We are all very proud of her, and wish her well for her future career. Bravo Dr. Seifert!

Mona with her examination committee, left to right: Vahid Sandoghdar, Ben Fabry, and (all to the right) Florian Marquardt.

New preprint on bacterial RNA polymerase open complex dynamics using magnetic tweezers!

Congrats to Subhas, Pim and colleagues to put this preprint together! We used magnetic tweezers to monitor the bacterial open complex formation, stabilization and disruption in different salt and temperature conditions. We discussed several kinetic models and reveal that the RNAP dissociates from the intermediate open state. Furthermore, we show the importance of using the “right” monovalent salt, i.e. potassium glutamate, to efficiently form a stable open complex. A great collaboration with Anssi Malinen lab in Turku!